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Secondary aluminium alloy production according to the International Standards and Customer`s specification

  “SeAl & Co” Ltd , one of the largest  Companies in the Urals region (Russia), was established in 1997. The main activity is aimed at secondary aluminium alloy production.  SeAl & Co is located in Monetny township (40 kilometers away from Ekaterinburg).The company can be considered  exclusive in Sverdlovsk region due to  it`s all-round processing of technogenic low grade waste for aluminium production, complete cycle and non-waste technology.Together with the  leading industrial enterprises  our company takes part in the activity of the Council of Secondary Non-ferrouse Metallurgy Industrial Enterprises on the solution of ecological problems, environment protection and development of  secondary non-ferrous metallurgy sector on Russia.

    Basic products:  Aluminium cast alloys, aluminium alloys for deoxidation.  
                                   Production capacity – up to 20 000 tonnes per year.
    Auxiliary products: Combined de-icing material, slag-forming aluminium content material.

    Technology and equipment: Raw-material for the production of alloys are: dross (70% max), scrap and chips. Our company  uses modern technologies and equipment for raw-material separation and preparation (multistep crushing, grinding, screening, electromagnetic separation of dross at “REMETALL” Spain equipment); crushing and pressing of scrap and chips are carried out at  Shredder Oberrlander 5000 and Hydraulic press  Y81-250B.
The main melting equipment – automatically controlled complex "Raffineria Metalli Capra" (Italy). It consists of: drum furnace, tilting furnace, casting machine, gas cleaning system. The modern analytical equipment - photo emission spectrometer  Spectrolab ensures precise an quick chemical analyses execution.
      The high professional level of our  personnel, the modern equipment and technology  allow us to fulfill our customers’ requirements for more than 15 years.

      The advantages of our Company are:
Wide range of the alloys – production of alloys according to the Russian and Foreign  standards and Customer’s specifications. 
Responsibility – we guarantee the fulfillment our Customers requirements on quality and dates.
Own approach ways - the possibility to ship the material in auto and by rail way.

Qualitythe constant  activity on quality system improvement for every process and products cycle as well. Quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015   in Manufacture of aluminium alloys and aluminium based materials has been implemented and in successful operation at "SeAl & Co LTD". Certificate of Approval issued by the worldwide recognized Company in the sphere of conformity assessmentG-CERT (South Korea) accredited by IAS.

  The advantages of “SeAl & Co” are highly estimated by our partners both in Russia and abroad: Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Germany, Croatia, Hungary. The end-users for our products are the auto part manufactures: HONDA, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI and others.